You want to save money. You want to save time.

You want to preserve infrastructure and investment. You do not want to repair or rebuild.

When concrete, wood, brick or metal are the materials you want to preserve, this is the website you want to be at. When your structural investment is being compromised by its environment, Seal-It International is the company you want to talk to.

In this website you will find the sealant products, information and distributors that will enable you to waterproof, seal and preserve your investments.

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  • Wood Restoration

    We are happy to endorse SealMaxx of Greater Atlanta. Our experience was very positive on every level. The work done by David McWhirter and his crew was very satisfying from the process itself (We are particularly pleased with the restoration of a thirty year old trellis.) to the care given to our property and the clean up. We intend to use them for other work.

    David McWhirter
    Customer of Seal-It product distributor/applicator
  • Saved me a fortune!

    SealMaxx treated my driveway about 3 years ago. The rain had been causing my drive to deteriorate, and the aggregate was starting to become exposed. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I was going to be forced to replace the driveway. The SealMaxx guys came out, and in one day cleaned and sealed the concrete. Ever since then, the driveway has not worn away one bit. SealMaxx has no doubt saved me a fortune I would have had to spend on removing and having a new driveway poured.

    Scott Morris
    Customer of Seal-It product distributor/applicator
  • No expensive re-sealing required

    SealMaxx restored my 19 year old deck, which was grey and ugly, and made it look new again. It is great to know I will never have to worry about sealing it again, as I have done that in the past, and it can get expensive. I looked at other companies, but everyone else just bought some sealant at a hardware store and put it on for you. SealMaxx’s 25 year guarantee is well worth the little bit of extra money up front. SealMaxx was a great solution for me, as it would be for anyone with a wooden deck.

    Chris Houck
    Customer of Seal-It product distributor/applicator
  • Dedication to customer needs

    David Sharpstene refinished our deck. The deck had two coats of old stain, acrylic paint and more stain. It was a mess. After David power washed with soap, sealed and sanded, it looks brand new. We are very pleased with his work and dedication to doing a wonderful job and pleasing his customer.

    Samantha Fastenau
    Customer of Seal-It product distributor/applicator

Test Reports

  • Concrete Sealant
    Carbonation, Freeze/Thaw and More

    Professional Service Industries conducted tests of Seal-It Concrete Sealant beginning in March of 1992. The tests conducted include compressive and flexural strength, penetration, carbonation, and freeze thaw. Cores taken from an 85 year old building; blocks, cubes and rectangles of concrete were subjected to an assortment of tests.

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  • Wood Sealant
    Added weight of Wood Sealant

    November 2005, Saskatoon, Canada Seal-It International Inc. was recently asked a question that we could not answer. No one at Seal-It could remember a customer, or distributor, asking this question before. When a Colorado distributor of Seal-It products was asked to help reduce maintenance costs for a wooden treaded, pedestrian suspension bridge; the question of added weight had to be answered.

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  • CCA Sealant
    Protection from CCA

    Seal-It International Inc. has responded to customer driven request for a solution to the health problems linked to Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) treated wood. Seal-It has contracted the services of Enviro-Test Laboratories, a division of CHEMSPEC ANALYTICAL LIMITED, to determine the efficiency of Seal-It’s new product, CCA Sealant.

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