Brick & Mortar Sealant

Industrial Strength Sealant

When you need a topcoat to protect your assets, we deliver Top PERFORMANCE, with Seal-it Top Sealant.

SEAL-IT Top Sealant creates an invisible barrier on concrete, brick, masonry, and stone surfaces that prevents the penetration of acids, oils, and other harmful substances.

Top Sealant leaves surfaces with the same appearance and texture. When water or other liquids are on the surface they “bead-up” – proof that Top Sealant is working.

Top Sealant’s unique properties provide a barrier against chemicals such as carbon stains from oil, graffiti, paints, dirt, etc. It is such an effective barrier that only one coat can be applied, as a second application will not adhere to itself !

Dilutionnone, use as supplied
Freeze Temperature0 °C / 32 °F
Freeze Harmnone, thaw and agitate completely
Boiling Point110°C / 230 °F
Shelf LifeSeveral Years
Coverage150 - 200 sq.ft./gal (approx.)
Solvent For Clean-upwater
Color Of Solutionclear
Color When Appliedminimal darkening
Fumes During Treatmentno
Organic Propertiesnegligible
Environmental Hazardsno
Polymerized Contentexcellent

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