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Time-Tested Performance
Preserve & Protect

Protection & preservation of your valuable investments makes economical sense. Repairs and replacements due to corrosion on metals, concrete deterioration and/or rotting wood seem to be a commonplace fact of life.

High-quality, industrial-strength sealers & coatings matched with proven application techniques helps protect your valued investments – and livelihood.

For your concrete…

SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant gives a sealed non-slip surface which keeps urine from penetrating. As a result it reduces the breeding environment for harmful bacteria and odors. SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant stops the manure from destroying the concrete and makes concrete easier to clean. Another important feature is when applied to green concrete it reduces the problems of cracked hoofs for the sows until concrete is totally cured.

For you metal and concrete…

429 is a low-maintenance surface sealer for paintable surfaces. It is particularly formulated for a high corrosion, high moisture high traffic environment.

  • Comes in gray, clear & silver
  • Has a 24 hour curing time
  • Will cure at temperatures as low as 20 F or -7 C
  • Is a single component polyurethane sealer
For wood…
  • Is a non-toxic penetrant sealer
  • Retards dampness, molding, fungus, warping, and rotting
  • Waterproofs and hardens the wood
  • Extends the life of paint or stain
  • Leaves a natural finish

*Extends the life of concrete in high corrosion and high moisture areas by keeping the concrete from breaking down
*Provides a non-slip surface
*Allows for low maintenance cleaning
*Shortens curing time of concrete
*Eliminate concrete dusting
*Prepares concrete for adhesives