Concrete Dusting

Time-Tested Performance

Test results indicate that abrasion resistance is closely related to the compressive strength of concrete. Strong concrete has more resistance to abrasion than weak concrete.

*As shown in the picture, even ‘strong’ concrete is damaged as time takes its toll on unsealed, untreated concrete. *Compression Strength (surface coat only) Results: +15% at 8 days; +23% at 31 days.   

SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant delivers 100% improvement against dusting due to abrasion.

Concrete Dusting (small particles of surface grinding away) can be caused by vehicular, foot, or machinery traffic over the concrete surface. It is a costly enemy of efficiency due to the damage it causes to machinery, merchandise, and environmental health.

SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant causes a chemical reaction to take place with the alkali and lime inside the concrete to form an internal seal. This internal membrane increases the compression strength of the concrete by as much as 23% and surface abrasion is eliminated 100%. Costly floor coverings often used to control dusting, can be eliminated by the use of SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant.

SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant will not wear, chip, or peel like most surface coatings, because there is no membrane to chip or peel. SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant forms an interior seal with a protection depth of 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches inside the concrete.

If the concrete freezes just after it is poured, it will powder and dust exceedingly. Too much water in the concrete mixture will cause dusting and powdering. SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant prevents powdering and dusting by “binding” the concrete components.

In factory or warehouse situations where equipment is dragged and tools dropped on the concrete, it is an economic necessity to use a product that does not chip, peel, or wear off.

429 STUF is a non-slip sealer available in gray, clear & silver. Epoxies, polyurethanes and other specialty coatings will not do for you what 429 STUF will. Most other specialty coatings flow into the pores of the concrete and dry to a rock hard finish. However, problems start happening as the surface is damaged. Other products don’t bind into the pores of the concrete; they sit in the pores and chip off easily.

429 STUF, penetrates into the pores and expands as it cures, therefore locking the product into the concrete. 429 STUF is versatile in a wide range of environments including salt, chemical, acid and alkali.