Industrial Surface Sealant

Time-Tested Performance

429 STUF Industrial Surface Sealant for metal, concrete & wood

Benefits & Features

429 S.T.U.F. was originally developed as a metal sealer capable of penetrating into microscopic pores and locking itself onto the surface through expansion which occurs during curing.

This unique property of 429 S.T.U.F. also makes it an excellent sealer for concrete and wood and is being used in numerous high-traffic environments.

Use for high corrosion, high moisture, and high traffic areas Safer, high-flashpoint polyurethane Moisture – cures in 24 hours Flexible – will not crack or peel even under conditions like bending, bowing, etc. Works best in extreme environments as a primer coating on metals.

429 S.T.U.F., when applied to masonry, wood, or metal, penetrates into the pores and utilizes moisture from the surrounding atmosphere to cure. During this curing process, 429 S.T.U.F. expands and locks into the pores creating a true impenetrable seal. It is this type of seal that sets 429 S.T.U.F. apart from the competition.

Epoxies, Polyurethanes, and specialty coatings tend to leave microscopic channels between the coating and the surface being coated. Microscopic channels can also be found in the sealer itself which allow moisture and contaminants to penetrate to the original surface causing deterioration of the “sealed surface.”