Primer for Metals

Time-Tested Performance

Corrosion is a fact of life on heavy equipment and machinery. The key to preventing corrosion is to use an industrial primer on the metal to prevent exposure of the metal surface to oxidation. Oxidation occurs when metal is exposed to oxygen in the air to react chemically forming rust, etc.

Heavy equipment including salt trucks, loaders, graders, mining trucks, and other equipment are subject to high corrosion. 429 S.T.U.F. is a primer that effectively combats this oxidation process by truly sealing the metal surface. Unlike other primers and coatings, 429 S.T.U.F. creates a true seal on the metal surface which is abrasion resistant, flexible, and durable.

SEAL-IT is currently working with Dept. of Highways in Saskatchewan, Canada, where corrosion is very high. Salt spread on the roads in the colder months dramatically reduces the life of the trucks, which may require re-painting as often as every 5 years. After a period of time the equipment is so deteriorated that it is replaced – an expensive alternative to a high quality coating like 429 S.T.U.F. and the SEAL-IT service.

The use of 429 S.T.U.F. has prolonged the life of the paint and equipment and has saved them money in recoating & repair costs.

The reason why 429 S.T.U.F. is used on their equipment is because of what it does to the metal. 429 S.T.U.F., when applied, penetrates into the pores of the metal takes the moisture from the air and expands into the pores of the metal. When the product is cured, which takes about 24 hours, salts, acids, water, and any other substance cannot penetrate to the metal where serious damage occurs if not protected properly.

429 S.T.U.F. has been used by Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation (see testimonial) for 8 years and they use no other primer. 429 S.T.U.F. is applied to a sandblasted surface along with two coats of industrial urethane paint.

429 S.T.U.F. can be applied anywhere there is a high corrosion problem.