Test Reports

  • Concrete Sealant
    Carbonation, Freeze/Thaw and More

    Professional Service Industries conducted tests of Seal-It Concrete Sealant beginning in March of 1992. The tests conducted include compressive and flexural strength, penetration, carbonation, and freeze thaw. Cores taken from an 85 year old building; blocks, cubes and rectangles of concrete were subjected to an assortment of tests.

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  • Wood Sealant
    Added weight of Wood Sealant

    November 2005, Saskatoon, Canada Seal-It International Inc. was recently asked a question that we could not answer. No one at Seal-It could remember a customer, or distributor, asking this question before. When a Colorado distributor of Seal-It products was asked to help reduce maintenance costs for a wooden treaded, pedestrian suspension bridge; the question of added weight had to be answered.

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  • CCA Sealant
    Protection from CCA

    Seal-It International Inc. has responded to customer driven request for a solution to the health problems linked to Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) treated wood. Seal-It has contracted the services of Enviro-Test Laboratories, a division of CHEMSPEC ANALYTICAL LIMITED, to determine the efficiency of Seal-It’s new product, CCA Sealant.

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