• High Corrosion Area, Dusting Hide Tanning and Taxidermy, chemical resistant concrete

    I had decided to put a cement floor in my garage and wanted to protect it with some kind of sealer. I had seen the "SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant" display at the local lumber yard, and was quite impressed with the claims in the brochure; so I bought a 10L jug.

    Since my garage was heated, everytime I put my vehicle in during the winter, it would thaw off, leaving a heavy salt residue on my new concrete. The first thing I noticed after applying "SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant" was how the salt sat on top of the concrete with absolutely no penetration at all. The second thing I noticed immediately was how easy the floor swept up, "no cement dust", the broom would glide over the floor just as if it had a "non-stick" finish like those fancy frying pans do. You could tell exactly the spots that you missed treating with "SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant" - the broom immediately had considerable drag on it, and clouds of cement dust could be seen in the air.

    I also have a hobby that is very hard on cement. I tan and dress furs and hides into rugs and leather. All the solutions I use for this are very high in both salt concentrations and very acidic; usually around a PH level of one(1) to three(3). The active acid is formic acid, which is very corrosive, but I am happy to say that after two winters of splashes, drips and spills, my concrete floor still doesn't have a mark on it. To say the least, I am very impressed!

    Since then (1987), my hobby has grown to a small business. This fall (1989), I built a 20' by 20' addition on my shop, strictly to tan hides in, and yes, it is definitely treated with "SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant". Once again I would like to mention the aspects of "SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant" that I have found to be very beneficial on my concrete.

    David Hill
    Ogema, Sk. Tannery
  • Seepage Grain Storage; keep the water out! No more seeping concrete

    I Hank Harbison, manager of Cargill Ltd Viking Alta. Have been at this location as manager since Aug. 1, 1988.

    This plant was built in 1984 and they had water problem in the boot since day one.

    The boot is 23 feet below ground level, and the water table here at Viking, Alta. Where this plant is built has varied between 1 ½ feet to 5 feet below ground level.

    The 8 years that I have been here, it has not been uncommon to have 5 inches of water seep in through the concrete over a period of 2 days.

    SEAL-IT were here in May 1996, they washed the walls down and applied SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant to the walls.

    It is now Sept. 1996 and the boot area has been perfectly dry for months.

    Hank Harbison
    Manager Cargill Ltd., Box 145 Viking, Alta. T0B 4N0
  • Animal Shelter; easier, more successful cleaning. Prevent waste penetration

    Our 3 year old animal shelter's floor had been a source of frustration for staff and out building committee.

    The cement floor originally had been undercoated and 2 coats of paint applied. Kitty litter granules, formicide, rolling carts etc., soon wore and chipped the paint so that no matter how hard the staff tried it never looked fresh. Subsequent coats of paint compounded the problem.

    After a lengthy expensive process of paint stripping we searched for a solution. Our shelter manager suggested Con-Seal as it was guaranteed to seal, protect and last.

    After discussing it with Mr. Van Nes we applied it in August 1988. Staff say it is easy to clean, looks fresh, easier to maintain, cleaning compounds do not affect it and animal wastes are not absorbed.

    We appreciate the interest Dale took in our problem and would recommend it to other firms encountering similar problems.

    Moosejaw Humane Society
    Animal Shelter Manager
  • Livestock Barns; Cleaning
    Easy Maintenance, Time Saver

    We Treated 3 Pens with SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant just to try it, and when I washed the pens 3 months later, everything came off very easily and in a lot less time. I was definitely impressed, rather that trying another 3 pens, I think we will treat all the pens. I don't have time to wash pens, if I can get the job done faster, its's worth it!

    Dan Van Schepdael
    Van Schepdael Farms, East Selkirk, MB
  • Concrete Seepage Fixed Hardware Store owner family home; Old House, Old Problem, Seepage Blocked

    We want to thank you for helping us solve our basement seepage problem. We purchased Seal-It Concrete Sealant back in August of this year, and have had no seepage since.

    Our home was built over 100 years ago; basement walls are made of a very porous brick. To us the walls have always been two colors because the bottom 2/3 looked dark from water seepage. We wanted to keep the look of the brick, so we were hoping to find a sealant that was clear.

    My family has been in the hardware business for generations, so I thought I would be able to find a supplier. The best my suppliers could come up with was a product that was like a thick paint, not what we wanted. We continued the search on the Internet, which is where we found Seal-It.

    One of your people suggested Seal-It Concrete Sealant would do the job, and it has. The brick walls are now 1 color, lighter; completely dry; and they look like bricks!

    Marty Bathrick
    Hardware business owner
  • Absorption/Evaporation Problem Solved
    Landscaping; stone water feature repels water, no absorption

    I used Seal-It on my Sonomo stone fountain to stop a severe absorption/evaporation problem. The untreated stone would simply soak the water up like a sponge.

    After Seal-It, the water simply runs off the rocks and into the pond below.

    Many thanks for a great product.

    John Dillard Carmel, CA
    Fountain owner
  • Warehouse, Warehousing Seepage, Blistering, Warping Steel Foundry

    Our business is located within yards of a major river. We frequently have water from beneath our building’s concrete floor “seep” through to the working surface causing delays in production.

    Seal-It Concrete Sealant was recommended by Mr. Greg Racicot, and we first tried this product on 10,000 square feet in early 2002. Since that time the level of the river has fluctuated causing “internal floods” in all areas except the area previously sealed with Seal-It.

    As a matter of comparison, we have since tried to seal the concrete with an epoxy product only to have it “blister” and “lift” the next time the river level rose.

    We are now removing the epoxy coating in manageable sized areas, so that Seal-It Concrete Sealant may be applied to the entire floor.

    This letter from a United States steel company that, for security reasons, must remain anonymous.
  • Protects Automotive Repair Garage Easily Clean Oil Spills

    My last purchase was in September of 2000 and I couldn't be more pleased with you products. I used the 429 S.T.U.F. in my automotive repair garage.

    The garage was built with an 18 foot "grease pit" which I had coated with "429". I had searched the internet for protective coatings when I came across www.seal-it.ca. I wanted to prevent automotive fluids from penetrating the concrete and also to make clean up any grease, oil, antifreeze, etc. easy and thorough. 429 S.T.U.F. has proven very durable and meets or exceeds your website claims. Nothing gets through 429.

    I used Seal-It Concrete Sealant in 2000 also. This sealant was used on the driveway leading to my auto repair garage. Vehicles waiting for repair frequently leave oil spills. But on the treated concrete, when clean up is done soon after the spill, no stain remains. It is an excellent barrier to moisture.

    Les Howell
    Automotive repair garage owner
  • Renovation and Remodeling Permanently change the color of clay brick

    I would like to report to you of the great success that we have experienced with your product when it was applied to our building during recent renovations.

    We renovated an existing 8,000 sq. ft. brick and mortar building in Downtown Rock Island to operate as a new technology vehicle wash. The building was a textured blond brick and not very “eye catching.” Our development theme was to develop the property in a railroad theme and focus on the Rock Island Railroad history. Therefore, we intended to change the building to look more like a railroad passenger station. We acquired cinnamon colored lime based paint from a firm known as Mineral Life and applied this to totally mask the blond brick. We then applied your clear Seal-It concrete sealant to insure a complete bond of the lime based paint with the brick. The results have been impressive!

    At this point, the application has been on the building for one year. It has sufficiently weathered to give the antique, aged brick appearance. We have had many compliments on the building’s appearance.

    Through the course of renovation, very small areas were hit with forklifts or equipment handlers leaving a blond spot, or a chipped away corner. We have left over material that we will use to spot coat these few marked areas.

    We also used Seal-It to seal the new concrete floor and conveyor trench. This has resulted in a good surface seal.

    Your Seal-It product works well and is simple to use. The durability appears to be very good. We would look at other opportunities where we can use this product again. We do highly recommend it!

    Jay M. Hawkinson
    President/General Manager
  • Potash Mining; No more costly infrastructure repair

    As a processor of Potassium Chloride (potash) products, our business experiences a loss of infrastructure value due to corrosion. Our response to this deterioration was to have affected areas rebuilt. As an example, our facility uses concrete block construction in non-load bearing walls where corrosive effects must be monitored, and then a decision to rebuild would be made. A masonry firm would be contracted as needed to remove affected walls and to rebuild. Some block walls required rebuilding in 3 to 4 years.

    In October of 1997, Seal-It Products International Inc. were contracted to preserve a newly rebuilt block wall. To date, this wall shows signs of some mechanical damage but corrosive damage due to the salt laden atmosphere is not perceivable.

    Our infrastructure preservation procedure now requires that all rebuilt concrete structure including load bearing, is to be preserved by Seal-It.

    From a Saskatchewan Potash Mine and Mill

    Business name withheld as a requirement of company policy.