• Contractor; No spalling callbacks!

    I’m seeing and hearing about a lot of spalling problems in Winnipeg this spring, but we have had no call backs or problems. We have been asked why we haven’t had any problems; all I can say is that if I feel I have had a difficult time finishing a concrete installation, I just put on the Seal-It Concrete Sealant for insurance, and go.

    Local companies, much older than ours are having lots of spalling problems this spring, since we’re not, we are getting much more work this year. We guarantee our workmanship, and with the added security of “Seal-It” it’s proven very beneficial for everyone who uses it.

    Roger Debusschere
    RND Concrete
  • Driveway Satification

    Normally there would be small bits of concrete on the lawn where the snow I had shoveled from the driveway had melted. This is the first spring since you applied your concrete sealant last summer and it seems to be holding up much better. I’m not sure what is wrong with the driveway, but it is only now a couple of years old, and the surface was breaking off in small pieces. I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that there are more driveways in my neighborhood having the same problem and I will be telling my neighbors about your product.

    Handyman’s Haven
  • Driveway satisfaction

    After the 1994 earthquake here in LA, I had to put in a new driveway. I sealed it with Seal-It concrete sealer (1995). Now (2010), it still looks like it did when we applied it. This despite having numerous oil & grease spills which we let "nature" clean up (in other words, just the small amount of rain we get & the sunshine of which we get plenty) the mess. Amazingly, nothing penetrates the concrete and we are supremely happy with the results, especially after 15 years!

    Al Spaet
    Driveway owner
  • Structural Engineer Approved

    I owned a home that was built 1912, and the foundation was deteriorating due to the age. When you would rub the walls the cement would shail off like sand. I was introduced to Seal-it compound and it was a life saver! I sprayed the compound on the walls until they could take no more, shortly after that, it was Amazing, the cement walls were Rock Hard, and solid! I even went as far as to have a structural Engineer come have a look at the foundation, and write a report. the report had stated that the foundation walls were structurally safe, and that we had taken the right steps to repair the foundation.

    Ryan Allen
    Home Owner
  • Epoxy, no match for efflorescence!

    We first purchased your Concrete Sealant in December of 2000 to take care of an efflorescence problem. The sealant was easy to apply and there has been no reoccurrence of the efflorescence since. We are equally impressed with the sealant as we tiled over the area and have seen no signs of efflorescence coming through the grout, nor have there been any loosening tiles.

    We are planning to use more of your sealant in the garage after making the mistake of trying to seal the concrete floor with epoxy paint. In a month or less the epoxy was flaking off. It seems that the efflorescence was still coming through and force off the epoxy. We created a lot of dust and extra work for our selves removing the remainder of the epoxy in preparation for Seal-It Concrete Sealant.

    Thank you for the product and over the phone assistance.

    Ron Guitierraz
    Oceanside, California U.S.A.
  • Clean up crumbling concrete for the last time

    We had a crumbling sidewalk next to our house;
    every time I swept it there was more loose concrete that would be swept up.

    We applied concrete sealant and no more deterioration.

    The water actually puddles in those area when it rains.

    Carole Schmidt
    Home Owner
  • Relief for the Chemically Sensitive

    I enjoyed talking with you this morning. I've enclosed a few pictures of our project. I included the foundation and slab (both of which we used your products on). I will send others as we reach conclusion in the next few weeks. And will send you my website address when it is up and running. In the meantime my company name is Eco-Search, LLC and the number is 919-781-5498. However, that number will be changing when we move into the new home sometime around late August - early September.

    As I said, your Concrete Sealer, Top Sealer and Wood Preservative were God-sends to me. Sealers were a major hurdle. Yours were immediately tolerable for me and a very welcome addition to the products used in our non-toxic building project.

    Helen V Moore
    Environmentaly sensitive home builder
  • Basement seepage stopped!

    Our office basement had a seepage/leakage problem for many, many years. The basement walls are constructed with masonary bricks. We tried many other techniques through the years but the issue kept reappearing. We finally tried Seal-it product along with a caulking (for the cracks)and it worked. It has been 2 years now and we do not have anymore leaks or seepage through the bricks anymore. I highly recommend this product and thanks again, Reid, for all your help and advice.

    Manitoba Conservation
    Government building occupant
  • Concrete Protection in Extreme Environment Spill Containment; Diesel fuel beads like water on wax!

    I am John Christensen, Project Supervisor at White Sands Missile Range in Southern New Mexico for Solar Electric Co,

    We are a Company engaged in a large communication project upgrading their system to fiber optics. In the course of this Project we have installed approx, 23 genset/fuel containment slabs and shelter slabs. Use of your Product has been exclusive.

    We have had excellent results with your sealant in one of the most gruelling environments imaginable. It is amazing this stuff beads oil and diesel like wax beads water.

    We also had no problem convincing the EPA authorities that this was the S.T.U.F.F we needed; in fact I wouldn't be surprised if it soon isn't a required sealant for all concrete installed at our Base. I am enclosing a couple of pictures so you guy's can see how we are using your product in our diesel containment slabs. Keep up the good work.

    John Christensen
    Solar Electric Co., WSMR, White Sands, New Mexico
  • Long-lasting Floor Coating Maintenance Garage; Parts Department, Can not justify lesser coatings

    We would like to tell you how your product “429 S.T.U.F.” is working in our maintenance garage. We purchased “429” about 6 years ago and applied it to a concrete floor in front of our parts department counter. This is a very high “foot traffic” area used by our mechanics moving from work shop to parts storage area. Hydraulic fluids, oils, sand and dirt are carried on mechanics boots onto this floor. The only damage we see to the floor coating is from heavier metal parts that have been dropped.

    Before we used “429” this floor had to be repainted about every 3 months with an oil based concrete paint, and in most cases, that paint was worn away within a month.

    We plan to use “429” in other areas of our building when we have time. We do not have time to be repainting every three months.

    Rod Bates
    Saskatchewan Property Management Corp.