• Log home sealed 18 years ago

    We would like to update you on our log home and the continued success of the Wood Sealant that was applied in 1989.

    As you may or may not know we operate a 400 head bison ranch, as well as a bottled water company. This leaves us with little time remaining to put toward house maintenance. Looking at the house recently, I see no reason to be concerned, the logs look as strong and rot free as ever. I would say at some point in the past we must have taken the good condition of the house for granted.

    Randy Weiss
    Log home owner, 18 year follow up
  • Protects in Extreme Conditions Remote structures, low maintenance

    Commercial fishing and some trapping take us away from our homes for weeks at a time. Our preferred practice is to build a small cabin near the lake or river where we will be staying. The cabins are built from local materials. Pine trees in the area are cut and "peeled" and erected as a "log" cabin. In the past no siding, paint or preservative has been used on these buildings.

    In the summer of 2000 a new cabin was built at a remote lake, but this time Seal-It Wood Sealant was sprayed on. Three years later, the logs still look as clean and "white" as the day they were peeled. Generally other cabins we have made in this manner would be showing signs of "graying" or even black and deteriorating by now.

    Oscar Beatty
    Trapper and commercial fisher
  • Still going strong!

    We sent Seal-It a testimonial in September 2003 describing how your wood sealant was performing since we used it in 2000. It has been 10 years since we used your sealant and now we notice that there isn't even graying wood. There are no signs of rot or any other problems. This building has never been painted, only had the Seal-It sealant put on. We don't expect to ever have to do any kind of care for it. Thanks again.

    Steven Beatty
    Carpenter and commercial fisher
  • Deck Protection Decks, easy, one time, permanent protection

    I used your product about a year ago on my outside redwood and Alaskan yellow cedar decks and it worked great, two questions, do I need to reapply the product over time, and I want to spray the joists under my upper decks, the pressure treated lumber is now about 4 years old so I think the product will work fine, would like to just use the garden sprayer again, do I just wet the underneath of the upper deck and joists and just spray, I assume the lower deck needs to be wet so that any dripping doesn’t stain, correct or not let me know, thanks.

    Ken in Moss Beach, California, oh yes no mold no mildew for the first time in 15 years on our decks, yahoooooo.

    Ken Despotakis
    deck owner, Moss Beach, California
  • Log Siding Protection Commercial Buildings; Wood Siding, protection without detriment to appearance

    In June of this year, we purchased and you delivered to Iowa several 5 gallon units of both your Seal-It Concrete and Seal-It Wood water seal products. At that time, we were looking for a product to seal cedar half log siding that could be applied over existing concrete chinking without causing staining or other problems with either the concrete chinking or the cedar half logs. All the sealer products that we found in our local paint and lumber chain stores either specifically excluded concrete or wood----what to do??

    At the recommendation of Vern Johnson of your USA distribution chain and your technical departments, we elected to use your Seal-It Wood product on about 3,000 square feet of half log siding and associated concrete chinking. At the same time, we possessed a need for several gallons of concrete sealer so the election was made to order all products from your company. We are very pleased that we decided to do so!

    I am sending you some before and after photographs of the cedar half log siding. As you can see from the before photos, no attempt had been made by the previous owner to properly install or seal the cedar logs. Two steps had been neglected in the application and maintenance of the cedar. First of all, the logs had not been peeled. Over many years water had penetrated the bark causing the bark to begin falling off in many areas. This in turn caused the chinking to loosen and begin falling out. Both these problems were solved by a high pressure wash which blew most bark and chinking off the wall. The wall was then consequently re-chinked.

    At this point, we went looking for a sealer product that would work over both masonry chinking and cedar logs. It was a month or two before our need happened to come up in conversation with Vern. We finally had our product!

    In the interim, dirt had found its way back onto the previously cleaned logs. An additional problem also surfaced which served to highlight the need for a good sealer. In the time that had passed while we searched a sealer product, the logs had again become gray in color in areas where water and sun both fell. We decided to further remedy these areas with a good deck wash and fresh water rinse just prior to installing Seal-It Wood sealer.

    After being reminded several times by Vern on the wet, seal, wet, seal, wet regimen required to install Seal-It Wood sealer, the product was installed. What a difference the final cleaning and sealing made. I include several photos so that you might be able to get an impression of just how much of a change that your product helped us make.

    The real proof came several days later after a good Midwestern thunderstorm dumped several inches of rain on the building. Previously, the logs turned an even darker shade of ugly gray after being wetted. I was more than pleased to see the logs all one natural cedar tone!! This was just the effect we were looking to achieve and with your product hope to maintain!!!

    I would highly recommend your product to anyone with a similar need!!

    James E. McKee
    Construction Division, James E. McKee, Inc.
  • Seal-It Outlasts its Competitors Time-Tested Performance Longevity while all else fails

    Thank you for your Wood Sealant, about 10 years ago we purchased a cottage, we built a deck around the cottage on three sides. At the time we only had two gallons of Seal-it Wood Sealant so we just treated a few areas. Just last fall we were doing some upgrades and repairs , I had to replace some rotten wood , to my surprise the wood that we treated with Seal-it was not only strong and not rotted but the stain that we had applied was still there . I had also noticed the wood was not blackened by mold or mildew I am going to treat my whole deck this spring.

    Ken Faul
    Cottage owner
  • Brilliant Outdoor furniture

    This product is brilliant! I cannot say enough about the wood sealer. I used this product a number of years ago on my somewhat weathered looking bent willow furniture. Once I put the product on, my furniture looked like new. Today, with the fluctuating weather temperatures in Saskatchewan, my furniture still looks like new. I strongly recommend you give the Seal-It Wood Sealant a try if you are wanting to preserve your unfinished outdoor wood furniture. It really works and it's truly fantastic. Thank you Seal- It!

    Traysie Pollom
    Outdoor willow furniture owner
  • Boost confidence using salvaged wood

    We built a fence from salvaged wood in 2005. 1 x 6 tongue and grove pine is used as vertical parts of the fence. Seal-It Wood Sealant was applied that same summer. We made sure that the cut end of the boards got as much sealant as they would take since they would not be protected from rain any other way. The fence has no signs of rot!! Out here in the boondocks, thats something !! Seriously, fence is still in good condition.

    Home heir
  • Horizontal Rain, no problem

    When we decided to build a home sheathed with cedar shingles we elected to hand dip them in a solution that would age naturally and protected them. We created a recipe using 5 gallons of Seal-It and one gal of driftwood gray. We made a dip station and submerged each shingle for 30 sec to a depth of 10 inches (we were doing 5" to the weather) then let them drip dry with a return into the tank. The shingles on the North side of the building show virtually no wear after 10 years! We live 30" from the ocean and get horizontal wind, rain, and temps ranging from 10 below to 90 above. The Seal-It was great to work with because it is water based. Didn't need gloves, clean up was a snap, no environmental concerns at all. We used a mixer on a drill each time we dipped and developed a system that would dip a bundle of shingles at a time. They do not touch each other so no lines. We have over 30 sq on so far. Our goal was to have a natural looking siding that would last 50 years. We have 10 years in and it still looks great!

    Dale Stuben
    Sea side home owner, Maine
  • In ground structures

    After reading your newsletter we remembered using your wood sealant on a loading dock built into a side hill. In 1996 we built this dock for loading hay. We started by digging into a hillside that would let us back our flat bed truck in and then use our New Holland bale stacker to unload onto the flat bed. We used Seal-It on the rough spruce that was put in as cribbing. There is no other protection from the weather, yet the spruce shows no rot. We would not have expected the wood to last this long especially in contact with soil.

    Lyndon Schmidt
    Land owner, Organic farmer