Animal Shelter; easier, more successful cleaning. Prevent waste penetration

Our 3 year old animal shelter’s floor had been a source of frustration for staff and out building committee.

The cement floor originally had been undercoated and 2 coats of paint applied. Kitty litter granules, formicide, rolling carts etc., soon wore and chipped the paint so that no matter how hard the staff tried it never looked fresh. Subsequent coats of paint compounded the problem.

After a lengthy expensive process of paint stripping we searched for a solution. Our shelter manager suggested Con-Seal as it was guaranteed to seal, protect and last.

After discussing it with Mr. Van Nes we applied it in August 1988. Staff say it is easy to clean, looks fresh, easier to maintain, cleaning compounds do not affect it and animal wastes are not absorbed.

We appreciate the interest Dale took in our problem and would recommend it to other firms encountering similar problems.