Automotive Shop Floor Warehouse, Warehousing

Grandwest Ent. Inc. Has used 429-S.T.U.F. Floor Paint since 1989. We had just completed a 22,000 sq. ft. building and we had a dusting problem with the concrete floor. We tried concrete sealer. We used four 45 gal. Drums with no benefit. We considered a 2 part epoxy but it cost more than the floor itself.

Then We tried 429-S.T.U.F. and simply painted it on and it proved to be very effective.

Since 1989 we have added 16,000 sq. ft. Every square foot of our premises is painted with 429-S.T.U.F. In addition we are presently constructing a 20,000 sq. ft. expansion. It too will have a concrete floor painted with 429-S.T.U.F.

It goes without saying, we feel it is an excellent product.