Corrosive Chemicals Liquid fertilizer no longer penetrates or destroys concrete

In our business, we produce and package Ammonium Thiosulfate, Ammonium Bisulfite, and Ammonium Sulfide as liquid. Concrete floors in our plant don’t last long. The concrete is simply “eaten away”. We have also experienced areas of concrete that look “sound”, but have been “eaten away” from beneath. We assume that the liquid fertilizer has soaked into the concrete at some point, and began to destroy from within.

We first tried your Concrete Sealant in late 1999. We knew that one year later we would know if your sealant was as good as you said. It is now about 1 and a half years later and we are ordering more sealant, for another area, as the area treated in 1999 shows no sign of failure.