Easier Maintenance, Non-slip Surface, Durability Dairy Barn;
easier clean, harder concrete, traction

To: Seal-It
Five years ago we upgraded our milking parlor. Concrete pads were poured for the cow platform, and holding area. We used a broom finish on all pads, and our equipment supplier recommended having Seal-It apply their sealant. The sealant was only applied on the cow platform, not the holding area.

We were expecting to create a surface that would be easier to clean. The platform is easy to clean, but we also noticed that the sealed surface was not becoming smooth. The concrete that was not sealed became so smooth and slippery that three years ago we had to groove the holding area floor to prevent the cattle from slipping.

Both the sealed and not sealed areas of the floor are cleaned using the same method, so the only explanation we can come to is that the sealant has created a harder, more resilient concrete.

Thank you.