Epoxy, no match for efflorescence!

We first purchased your Concrete Sealant in December of 2000 to take care of an efflorescence problem. The sealant was easy to apply and there has been no reoccurrence of the efflorescence since. We are equally impressed with the sealant as we tiled over the area and have seen no signs of efflorescence coming through the grout, nor have there been any loosening tiles.

We are planning to use more of your sealant in the garage after making the mistake of trying to seal the concrete floor with epoxy paint. In a month or less the epoxy was flaking off. It seems that the efflorescence was still coming through and force off the epoxy. We created a lot of dust and extra work for our selves removing the remainder of the epoxy in preparation for Seal-It Concrete Sealant.

Thank you for the product and over the phone assistance.