High Corrosion Area, Dusting Hide Tanning and Taxidermy, chemical resistant concrete

I had decided to put a cement floor in my garage and wanted to protect it with some kind of sealer. I had seen the “SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant” display at the local lumber yard, and was quite impressed with the claims in the brochure; so I bought a 10L jug.

Since my garage was heated, everytime I put my vehicle in during the winter, it would thaw off, leaving a heavy salt residue on my new concrete. The first thing I noticed after applying “SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant” was how the salt sat on top of the concrete with absolutely no penetration at all. The second thing I noticed immediately was how easy the floor swept up, “no cement dust”, the broom would glide over the floor just as if it had a “non-stick” finish like those fancy frying pans do. You could tell exactly the spots that you missed treating with “SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant” – the broom immediately had considerable drag on it, and clouds of cement dust could be seen in the air.

I also have a hobby that is very hard on cement. I tan and dress furs and hides into rugs and leather. All the solutions I use for this are very high in both salt concentrations and very acidic; usually around a PH level of one(1) to three(3). The active acid is formic acid, which is very corrosive, but I am happy to say that after two winters of splashes, drips and spills, my concrete floor still doesn’t have a mark on it. To say the least, I am very impressed!

Since then (1987), my hobby has grown to a small business. This fall (1989), I built a 20′ by 20′ addition on my shop, strictly to tan hides in, and yes, it is definitely treated with “SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant”. Once again I would like to mention the aspects of “SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant” that I have found to be very beneficial on my concrete.