Horizontal Rain, no problem

When we decided to build a home sheathed with cedar shingles we elected to hand dip them in a solution that would age naturally and protected them. We created a recipe using 5 gallons of Seal-It and one gal of driftwood gray. We made a dip station and submerged each shingle for 30 sec to a depth of 10 inches (we were doing 5″ to the weather) then let them drip dry with a return into the tank. The shingles on the North side of the building show virtually no wear after 10 years! We live 30″ from the ocean and get horizontal wind, rain, and temps ranging from 10 below to 90 above. The Seal-It was great to work with because it is water based. Didn’t need gloves, clean up was a snap, no environmental concerns at all. We used a mixer on a drill each time we dipped and developed a system that would dip a bundle of shingles at a time. They do not touch each other so no lines. We have over 30 sq on so far. Our goal was to have a natural looking siding that would last 50 years. We have 10 years in and it still looks great!