Long-lasting Floor Coating Maintenance Garage; Parts Department, Can not justify lesser coatings

We would like to tell you how your product “429 S.T.U.F.” is working in our maintenance garage. We purchased “429” about 6 years ago and applied it to a concrete floor in front of our parts department counter. This is a very high “foot traffic” area used by our mechanics moving from work shop to parts storage area. Hydraulic fluids, oils, sand and dirt are carried on mechanics boots onto this floor. The only damage we see to the floor coating is from heavier metal parts that have been dropped.

Before we used “429” this floor had to be repainted about every 3 months with an oil based concrete paint, and in most cases, that paint was worn away within a month.

We plan to use “429” in other areas of our building when we have time. We do not have time to be repainting every three months.