Potash Mining; No more costly infrastructure repair

As a processor of Potassium Chloride (potash) products, our business experiences a loss of infrastructure value due to corrosion. Our response to this deterioration was to have affected areas rebuilt. As an example, our facility uses concrete block construction in non-load bearing walls where corrosive effects must be monitored, and then a decision to rebuild would be made. A masonry firm would be contracted as needed to remove affected walls and to rebuild. Some block walls required rebuilding in 3 to 4 years.

In October of 1997, Seal-It Products International Inc. were contracted to preserve a newly rebuilt block wall. To date, this wall shows signs of some mechanical damage but corrosive damage due to the salt laden atmosphere is not perceivable.

Our infrastructure preservation procedure now requires that all rebuilt concrete structure including load bearing, is to be preserved by Seal-It.

From a Saskatchewan Potash Mine and Mill