Renovation and Remodeling Permanently change the color of clay brick

I would like to report to you of the great success that we have experienced with your product when it was applied to our building during recent renovations.

We renovated an existing 8,000 sq. ft. brick and mortar building in Downtown Rock Island to operate as a new technology vehicle wash. The building was a textured blond brick and not very “eye catching.” Our development theme was to develop the property in a railroad theme and focus on the Rock Island Railroad history. Therefore, we intended to change the building to look more like a railroad passenger station. We acquired cinnamon colored lime based paint from a firm known as Mineral Life and applied this to totally mask the blond brick. We then applied your clear Seal-It concrete sealant to insure a complete bond of the lime based paint with the brick. The results have been impressive!

At this point, the application has been on the building for one year. It has sufficiently weathered to give the antique, aged brick appearance. We have had many compliments on the building’s appearance.

Through the course of renovation, very small areas were hit with forklifts or equipment handlers leaving a blond spot, or a chipped away corner. We have left over material that we will use to spot coat these few marked areas.

We also used Seal-It to seal the new concrete floor and conveyor trench. This has resulted in a good surface seal.

Your Seal-It product works well and is simple to use. The durability appears to be very good. We would look at other opportunities where we can use this product again. We do highly recommend it!