Roofing: Extend the life of asphalt and tar roofing systems

I wanted to get you this information regarding your Seal-It products. We have been using your concrete sealant to make our new colors, using mineral life, completely permanent. Using 4,000 psi of water will not remove the color.

However, I wanted to tell you about some other areas that we have used “Top Seal” in a different way. Southwest America is also a property management company, so We have used the product on our own asphalt shingles, which has taken care of any leaks That we had. A friend of mine used it on his garage roof two years ago to stop all the bad leaking. It’s two years later and no leaks, except he just put on a new roof because the Previous leaking had destroyed the wood base.

In another instance we had a 10,000 square foot building with a flat, rock/gravel,Tar roof that had a 10 square foot x 10 square foot area that was leaking water inside. We Did not want to replace the entire roof so we tried the “Top Seal” on this area, spraying over the rocks and tar where we felt it was leaking. After the next rain there was no more leaking, and now 1-1/2 years later, still no leaks.

I believe your product has exceptional uses in other areas you have not even tried,this being two of them.

I had a friend who used your “Top Seal” on his new restaurant tile that had already been stained by syrup from pancakes. It took him one hour to clean it then he applied “Top Seal” to the entire restaurant floor. Guess what? No more stains, plus an easy cleanup each night.

I would highly recommend “Top Seal” to anyone who would appreciate a one-time application on something that works. I’ve got another 10 gallons in our storage area for the apartments and I’m sure that I’ll have more uses for the product shortly. Thanks again for all your help and support. You’ve got a great product. You only need to let more people know what you have.