Sealant longevity, Multi Level Parking follow-up

I would like to update you on the success of the parking structure repair we undertook in 1999. As you may recall we purchased your Seal-It Concrete Sealant to stop the leaching of salt and minerals through the upper level to the lower levels. There is still no sign of leaching and no complaints from vehicle users parking in the lower level.

Something I had not told you before is that after the sealing of the parking garage there was some sealant remaining, which I used on an outdoor wash bay concrete slab. The Park Service uses this area to clean its garbage trucks. This slab had begun to “peel” and “spall”. The slab was cleaned and Seal-It Concrete Sealant applied. Now there are no problems there either. I believe the concrete has “hardened and solidified” even more.

If I may say, I believe it to be very important to follow Seal-It’s application instructions to get these results. Also, I have been made aware that Seal-It has products for wood and metal which I will be looking into to be used by the Park Service Historical Dept.