Warehouse, Warehousing Seepage, Blistering, Warping Steel Foundry

Our business is located within yards of a major river. We frequently have water from beneath our building’s concrete floor “seep” through to the working surface causing delays in production.

Seal-It Concrete Sealant was recommended by Mr. Greg Racicot, and we first tried this product on 10,000 square feet in early 2002. Since that time the level of the river has fluctuated causing “internal floods” in all areas except the area previously sealed with Seal-It.

As a matter of comparison, we have since tried to seal the concrete with an epoxy product only to have it “blister” and “lift” the next time the river level rose.

We are now removing the epoxy coating in manageable sized areas, so that Seal-It Concrete Sealant may be applied to the entire floor.