CCA Sealant

Industrial Strength Sealant

Seal-It International Inc. introduces a new sealant. The industrialized world has recently made a decision regarding wood preserving and CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate), it is not good for humans! Many countries have moved to either criminally ban, or, at least, suggest voluntary removal of this compound from use.

CCA has been used for decades as a means to prevent the decay of wood caused by organisms attracted to their natural habitat, and food source. Chromated Copper Arsenate has been used to increase the value of lesser and more abundant species of wood. CCA is a cancer causing carcinogen.

Seal-It International has taken the “one time application”, wood preserving qualities of its Wood Sealant and added CCA encasing properties. You can now greatly reduce the risks from CCA in your outdoor wood structures, while preserving the money you have invested. There is no need to demolish and remove your costly wooden structures, just have the CCA environmentally sealed out of reach.

Ask your Seal-It distributor for Seal-It CCA Sealant.

  • SEAL-IT CCA Sealant

    Creates a permanent, effective seal against the release of the harmful health affecting components of CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) pressure treated wood, while hardening, increasing density of, and strengthening new or existing pressure treated wood.

  • SEAL-IT CCA Sealant

    does not stain or colorize wood and allows for painting and/or staining of wood surfaces. Paint and stains last up to 300% longer.

  • SEAL-IT CCA Sealant

    encases CCA in all ages of pressure treated wood.


  • Do NOT

    use Seal-It CCA Sealant in a manner that allows contact with glass, glazed surfaces or aluminum.

  • CCA Sealant

    is not recommended for veneers or man-made wood products.

Dilutionnone, use as supplied
Freeze Temperature0 °C / 32 °F
Freeze Harmnone, thaw and agitate completely
Boiling Point110°C / 230 °F
Shelf LifeSeveral Years
Coverage150 - 200 sq.ft./gal (approx.)
Solvent For Clean-upwater
Color Of Solutionclear
Color When Appliedminimal darkening
Fumes During Treatmentno
Organic Propertiesnegligible
Environmental Hazardsno
Polymerized Contentexcellent

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