Epoxy, Paint and Specialty Coatings

Time-Tested Performance

Though epoxies are used as a sealer or protective coating, they do no do their job effectively. Epoxies do not penetrate and lock into the surface leaving room for microscopic pockets where oxidation (rusting) can occur. As seen in the picture, epoxies eventually break down and corrosion takes over.

Specialty coatings are also found to wear off in high traffic situations. Many specialty coatings simply sit on the surface and do not penetrate far enough to provide a lasting bond. The picture on the left is an example of a specialty coating peeling off a parkade floor. This parking structure has many of these patches and will eventually require more repairs and added cost.

Expensive “Specialty Coatings” or ineffective surface sealers are a thing of the past now that you can have 429 S.T.U.F.

Fast curing process – 24 hours (less down time for customers)
Long- term results a practical alternative to epoxies and specialty coatings.

429 S.T.U.F. after 7 years on concrete floor (right) compared to untreated concrete (left). Surface was previously frozen. Consistent heavy traffic from forklifts and pallet jacks exemplifies the durability and performance of SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F metal/concrete sealer