Floor Covering Trade

Time-Tested Performance

Time constraints and budget limitations often leave construction projects overlooking moisture levels and soil PH when pouring concrete. A complete understanding of moisture and alkali inherent in these subfloors and their effects on paints and floor coverings is important.

As the concrete is setting and commencing through its long curing process, water evaporates from the concrete. When this moisture is gone, it leaves voids and pores in the concrete. The pores in the concrete allow for moisture to migrate from the ground. The moisture passes through these voids and mixes with available alkali.

When mastics or adhesives are applied to bind floor coverings to the concrete, the drawing action of the moisture is increased. When this moisture is drawn to the surface of the slab, it comes in contact with the adhesive. When alkaline water meets with the adhesive, the adhesive emulsifies or begins to deteriorate, resulting in bubbles, blistering, warping, cracking and peeling. The end result is the replacement or re-application of the adhesive. Floor coverings often fail due to one or more of these reasons:

  1. Moisture
  2. Alkali
  3. Hydrostatic Pressure

SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant prevents moisture from coming in direct contact with covering adhesives or mastics. This will alleviate moisture and alkali collecting under the coverings which result in buckling, warping, or separating from the concrete surface. SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant causes an internal chemical reaction with the concrete, to become a permanent part of the concrete surface, and eliminates problems associated with floor coverings by its ability to hold a hydrostatic head.

SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant will leave clean pores, similar to “etching” on the surface to which paint, mastics or adhesives for floor covering can effectively bond. It will also eliminate the destructive moisture attack which causes deterioration of the adhesives and paints. On surfaces where no covering is used, SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant will prevent foreign matters such as oil, grease, and acids from penetrating and causing spalling, pitting and overall deterioration. SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant enables easy clean-up and maintenance.

Sealing with SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant is an aid in the floor covering trade and a 1-step process for curing and sealing. This is why for quality and efficiency, floor covering specialists count on Seal-It.