Helping Beekeeper

Time-Tested Performance

SEAL-IT has been talking to numerous Beekeepers and they’ve noticed they all have one thing in common, damaged and rotting supers or bottom boards and the deterioration of extraction room floors. Beekeepers are asking the question “what can preserve and protect our livelihood?” Well, SEAL-IT has the answer, a line of products that not only saves Beekeepers money, but also gives them peace of mind.

Seal-It Wood Sealant for your Wood:

  • For supers, pallets, frames, lids, feeders, etc.
  • Non-toxic penetrant sealer.
  • Approved by Food production and Inspection branch -Agriculture Canada
  • Approved by Food Safety and Inspection Service – United States Department of Agriculture

Protect your wood from moist and damp environments and all the destruction and health hazards that can result. A major part of your moisture control program. Retards dampness, shrinkage, and warping. Waterproofs and hardens the wood. Leaves a natural finish.