Log Homes and Builders

Time-Tested Performance
Log Home:

Here is one log home treated with SEAL-IT Wood Sealant. This log home has been protected by SEAL- IT Wood Sealant since 1989 (photo taken in 1996).

For Concrete:
  • Aids in curing concrete. (See article on concrete curing)
  • Eliminates concrete dusting (see article on concrete dusting)
  • Leaves the natural surface texture
  • Prepares concrete for adhesives, paints, and mastics. (See article on paint trade)
  • Keeps sidewalks and driveways from pitting and rotting
  • Allows for low maintenance cleaning
For Wood:

  • Retards dampness, shrinkage and warping
  • protect your wood from moist and damp environments
  • and the destruction and health hazards that can result
  • a major part of your moisture control program
  • Extends the life of paint, stain and varnishes
  • Requires low maintenance upkeep
  • Waterproofs and hardens the wood
  • Is a non-toxic penetrant sealer
  • Makes paint, varnishes, stains, urethanes last 300% longer with less maintenance

For more info how, refer to paint trade.