Warehousing Industry

Time-Tested Performance

A single component polyurethane sealer, particularly formulated for high corrosion, high moisture, high traffic environment.

429 S.T.U.F. after 7 years on concrete floor (right-hand side) compared to untreated concrete (left) – See Testimonial. Surface was previously frozen. Consistent heavy traffic from forklifts and pallet jacks exemplifies the durability and performance of SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F. metal/concrete sealer.

Slowly but surely your valuable investment, – you building, is disappearing… turning to dust, literally.

Save your investment, preserve it, prolong it’s life. Dustingtip is a major problem with concrete; we’re here to remove this problem and the potential costs of replacing concrete. SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant, a low maintenance penetrant sealer is the only product known to extend the life of concrete, decrease curing time, provide a non-slip surface, allow for low maintenance cleaning, eliminate dusting and prepare concrete for adhesives.